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Markviss višskiptaenskunįmskeiš
English Summary

Markviss višskiptaenskunįmskeiš   Prenta 

English for the Office

For people who find themselves having to work increasingly in English, this course covers many kinds of office function, including reception duties, answering the phone, greeting visitors, handling inquiries and writing business messages such as e-mails and letters.  Business vocabulary for the office and practice in speaking English are the main goals so that participants can confidently handle all aspects of their work.

Telephoning in English 


This course is for switchboard staff or others who must frequently answer the phone in English.  In order to build confidence and fluency, participants will learn and practice the common expressions used on the phone for connecting callers, handling inquiries and providing information.  There is also considerable practice in taking messages in English.

Writing for Business


This course is for people who must frequently write business messages in English and covers the basics of writing business letters, e-mails, faxes and reports.  As well as practice in using standard English phrases and formats for business correspondence, the course includes individual correction of participants“ writing and instruction in points of grammar and spelling. 

Customer Service English


In order to help staff provide friendly helpful service, this course introduces the language of offering assistance, answering inquiries and solving problems.  It is particularly relevant for staff in reception or customer service, as well as for people working in retail. 


Making Presentations in English


Learn how to present your business abroad.  There are three main goals for this course:  To master the English commonly used in presentations, to build fluency, and to increase confidence.  Specific topics include introducing yourself and your subject, developing your speech, answering questions, and using and commenting on visual aids such as power point screens and graphs.  The course also includes practice in English speech patterns and intonation.

Participating in Meetings


This course prepares staff to professionally and confidently handle meetings in English by covering the following skills:  responding, suggesting, agreeing and disagreeing, interrupting, stating an opinion, negotiating and persuading.

Academic English


Practice in academic writing as well as presenting at conferences abroad for staff that need to publish and present their work in English.  This course is designed around the specific needs of the participants but usually covers grammar, vocabulary and phrasing, as well as formatting and documenting.

Social English for Business


This course prepares participants to handle the social situations they encounter outside the work environment when entertaining foreign visitors, visiting companies abroad or attending meetings and conferences.  Topics include making “small talk”, discussing current events and talking about Iceland, as well as English and North American cultural customs.





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