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Examples of Customized Courses for Icelandic Companies
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English Summary

English Summary   Prenta 

Enska fyrir atvinnulífiđ - English for Professional Purposes

Making arrangements for a course........  


Step 1.  Asking for a proposal  Call us to discuss your ideas for a course for your staff and we will then prepare a proposal that includes all the steps outlined below and a suitable price. 

Step 2.  Testing. We will discuss with you a convenient time to come into the company and hold a testing session for all interested staff. We will speak to each staff member individually to assess  their English and their needs.  Each interview takes around 10 minutes; written tests take longer depending on how much is required.

Step 3.  Needs analysis As well as assessing the staff, we will  speak to the training department and/or employee supervisors to determine exactly what the content of the course should be.

Step 4.  Organising participants into teaching groups Your staff will be organised into groups of no more than 10 people based on their English abilities and needs.  We will then arrange courses at times that suit the participants.

Step 5.  Teaching  Most courses are taught once or twice a week for 6 - 10 weeks although we can offer courses in many different formats. Courses are usually taught in-company but can be taught at Enskuskólinn.

Step 6.  End of Course Reporting  Depending on what is requested by the company, we submit attendance and/or performance reports.  Each participant is then issued with an end-of-course certificate stating the number of hours and level of the course.

Both General and Specialised Courses

Enskuskólinn has for many years designed and taught specialised English for Business courses to the staff of local companies.

Our clients have included many of Iceland’s largest companies, banks and public institutions, as well as government departments and other schools.The goals of these courses depend on the needs of the organisation and the existing skills of their staff. Sometimes the emphasis is on improving overall speaking ability.  In other cases, it is on developing work-related vocabulary, learning to write e-mails and other documents in English, or perhaps giving company presentations for meetings abroad.

Intensive Courses  For companies who are looking for an intensive course for an individual or group, we have a series of short prepared courses in the following specialist areas:

  • Customer Service English

  • Switchboard English

  • Participating in Meetings

  • Social English for Business

  • English for the Office

  • Writing for Business

  • Making Presentations

English Testing Program  In addition to these courses, we also run a testing program to assess the English skills of staff who need to use English in their work or who are applying for specialised work where English is required.  This often includes testing applicants for jobs or training programs abroad.

Private Coaching  Many business people come to us for private instruction.  Their needs are varied but often include things like making presentations about the company to foreign customers; writing newsletters or reports for foreign partners; building work-related vocabulary for trips abroad;  improving conversational skills for meeting foreign customers.

Our Staff  All our instructors have an internationally recognised qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.  They are all native speakers of English and university educated.  Some of them are also qualified specifically as Business English trainers.

Only a phone call away  For more information about all of these services, please contact Julie Ingham.

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Tel:  588-0303   





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