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English Summary

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Enskuskólinn´s E-learning programme

Learn English on-line: anytime, anywhere. 

Method: All the you needs is a computer, internet connection and video call programme e.g. skype. After a start-up interview we send weekly lesson packages specially designed for your level of English and language needs. You then spend time reading and listening to materials or returning assignments to your teacher and then audio-visual computer to computer lessons are arranged at a convenient time for conversation practice. Most students wish to focus on building vocabulary and gaining confidence in fluency and communication skills. The materials are selected to fit your interests and abilities and specialised language can be introduced and practiced if required. This course is very popular with students from all around Iceland.


Flexibility: English lessons for your ability level at a time and place that suits you.

Teachers: Native English speaking language teachers with experience of living in Iceland.

Programme includes: Initial telephone interview with a teacher, 7 x emailed study lessons followed by 7 x 60 minute speaking lessons on skype, plus on completion an appraisal of your skills and recommendations for future learning. The course should be completed in a 10 week period.

Cost: 58.000 kr.

Contact us: Interested learners should send an email to enskuskolinn@enskuskolinn.is and you will be sent a questionnaire to fill out and return before a teacher is chosen to conduct your first evaluation interview.


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