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 Why don´t you try a private lesson programme with Enskuskólinn?  

  • Hrađnámskeiđ í eina viku, 2 klst. á dag, fimm daga vikunnar Verđ: 65.000 kr
  • Mánađarnámskeiđ, kennsla tvisvar í viku (1 kennslustund + 1 Skype tími) Verđ: 58.000 kr
  • Ţriggja mánađa námskeiđ, 8 x 90 mínútna kennslustundir (sveigjanleg) Verđ: 88.000 kr


Our Individual courses provide one-to-one tuition which means you’ll have focused and personal attention from your teacher. Our most popular 8 week programme includes 12 hours of one-to-one tuition and asks you to complete at least 16 hours of customised interactive study materials specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

The programme includes:

  • Comprehensive needs analysis interview and language assessment before you start your course
  • 8 sessions x 90 minute lessons arranged at a time that suits your schedule
  • Pre-lesson plan and listening and/or reading materials designed specifically for your needs
  • Lessons practising the skills you request: speaking, vocabulary building, listening, grammar, writing.
  • Focus topic based materials to enhance presentation skills
  • Vocabulary activation exercises to build specialised, colloquial and social English


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